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Sauce Labs Tutorial- Cross Browser Testing

Sauce Labs allows users to run tests in the cloud on more than 700 different browser platform, operating system and device combinations, providing a comprehensive test infrastructure for automated and manual testing of desktop and mobile applications using Selenium, Appium and JavaScript unit testing frameworks.

When do we need to go for sauce labs?

The web application that we are testing deals with different browsers in real-time and different mobile platforms. In this situation, we need to perform cross-browser testing and mobile web app testing then we prefer sauce labs.

How to perform Cross browser testing manually in sauce labs.

  1. Navigate to sauce labs and click on sign in. you will be navigated to the sign-in page as shown below.

Sauce Labs Tutorial- Cross Browser Testing

2. After login below the page will be displayed.

3. Click on LIVE in the left panel and then click on Cross-Browser.

Now we will see desktop, Mobile real and Mobile Virtual tabs. We will one by one how they work. After selecting the below parameters click on the Start Session button.

URL: You need to pass your URL here i.e www.selenium-webdriver.com

BROWSER SELECTION: Select browser based on your preference i.e IE

VERSION: Select browser version here i.e 11

OS VERSION: Select OS version here i.e Windows 10

4. Now the session is ready for testing. you will be navigated to below screen where you can test your application. we have take screenshot and stop icon.

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